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Spas, Corporate Massage, CMTs and the Body Café

Zen-SandToday’s massage industry is ever-changing, sometimes confusing, but always exciting in the choices it presents to the massage consumer.

The CMT, or Certified Massage Therapist, is the most commonly accepted standard for a professional massage provider.  LMT and CMP are other standard titles associated with massage professionals. These individuals have gone through many hours of training in massage therapy, anatomy, physiology, ethics, and have had plenty of hands-on training in providing massage.

Traditionally, CMTs have been independent professionals who work from their homes, or rent space individually to provide healing bodywork to their clients.  But times have changed, and now the majority of massage professionals work at a spa or other massage establishment.

Most visible these days are the spas and “corporate” massage establishments.

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Should I receive massage if I am sick?

The Cold and Flu season is upon us and clients wonder if a professional massage will help. When you are sick your immune system is already working hard. Receiving a massage when suffering from a cold or the flu can spread the illness through your body faster than it would happen naturally, flooding your body with infection, worsening symptoms and making the recovery time from the cold or flu longer.

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