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The Body Café is:

  • collaborative
  • collective
  • creative

Our massage therapists are all trained in multiple styles of massage and continually learn from each other to become better practitioners. We always make the best effort to match you with the best possible therapist, and the best massage styles, for your needs. We are collaborative in the way that we support each other in providing the best possible healing bodywork to our clients, both by sharing clients and by continually teaching and learning from each other. All our therapists have a stake in the Body Cafe; they are not just employees, they are partners. And our clients benefit.

We are located at 2414 21st Street, (21st and X) at the border of midtown and Curtis Park, Sacramento.

You may contact an individual therapist directly, email us at hello@bodycafe.info – – – or even call (916) 292-0898 — or contact us all for a an appointment time. Be sure that you indicate any preferences in times, dates or therapists.

Please note: our cancellation policy: we require 24 hours notice for all appointment cancellations or rescheduling.

About Massage: Massage provides a multitude of benefits. It can ease sore or stiff muscles, enhance circulation, promote relaxation, and is a great way to unwind.

Your First Massage: Many people feel uneasy about receiving their first massage. Here are a few suggestions to help you feel at ease, and to gain the greatest benefits from your massage therapy session:

BREATHE! You can’t relax if you are holding your breath.

  1. As the therapist’s hands touch you, inhale, deeply visualizing your breath flowing to and through any tense area. Fully relax as you exhale, and visualize any pain or tension leaving your body.
  2. Your therapist is a trained professional. They may gently move your arms, legs, or head into various positions during your massage. Relax, and let them do the work. Feel free to speak up if anything, however, feels too painful, ticklish, or uncomfortable in any way.
  3. Sometimes people fall asleep during a massage. This is natural, and an indication that the body is relaxing and releasing tension. Your therapist will gently wake you when it is time to turn over or at the end of your massage.
  4. More on the time before, during and after your massage.

We hope your massage is both enjoyable and beneficial, and that your experience will be the beginning of a lifelong practice helping you to enjoy optimal health and relaxation. Come experience our nurturing, warm environment in Midtown Sacramento.

Massage by appointment only. To schedule an appointment you may contact any of our therapists directly, or call or email us for a referral to one.

Questions about our web site? Please contact our webmaster.

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