Kristen Garcia, CMT

Kirsten-Tree-CropKristen is a certified massage therapist who works with several modalities including Deep Tissue, Swedish, Sports, Lymphatic, and Craniosacral energy methods. Her primary focus is medical massage with a focus on holistic healthcare and the alignment of the body with the mind and soul. Young Living essential oils are an important focus in her practice. In addition to her regular massage clients, she is currently providing specialized services to lymphedema and sciatica patients.

As a military veteran, she has lived all over the world and experiences massage practices and traditions in places such as Germany, Hawaii, and Georgia. She has been blessed to work with popular sports stars and prized therapists from around the world such as Lenny Resnick (prized therapist in Savannah, GA), Otis Nixon (Former Major League Baseball Player), and Joe Dozier (Former NFL player). She has730 certified hours of massage training from Trinity College (Milan Institute) in Sacramento, CA and an AA in Psychology as well as a BS in Human Services.

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CMT # 62874

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