Should I receive massage if I am sick?

The Cold and Flu season is upon us and clients wonder if a professional massage will help. When you are sick your immune system is already working hard. Receiving a massage when suffering from a cold or the flu can spread the illness through your body faster than it would happen naturally, flooding your body with infection, worsening symptoms and making the recovery time from the cold or flu longer.

Avoiding massage during the acute stages of a virus will help make your immune system treat symptoms and will allow your body to heal faster. Resting and drinking plenty of fluids is one of the best immune supports during the cold and flu season.

Receiving a massage when you have a cold or the flu, you take the risk of not only feeling worse yourself, but you also risk passing your infection on to your massage therapist and other people that your massage therapist comes in contact with. Some people can work when not feeling well, but Massage Therapist cannot and should not.

The best time to reap the immune system benefits of massage therapy is through regular massage while you are healthy.

Your massage therapist awaits your speedy recovery!

Lora Lee Pagenkopf 

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