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How to Choose a Reiki Practitioner

This article was originally posted on GinnTree.com on August 11, 2016.

10582791_687850721291028_263499406779933290_oHow does one choose a Reiki Practitioner? I get asked this question a lot. I also want to reassure those who normally wouldn’t ask that they SHOULD ask. I feel it’s an important point to consider. I’ve had many clients as a social worker, massage therapist, and Reiki practitioner that were deterred from seeking various services because their first experience was awful. They assumed the service would always be that way from everyone…but it isn’t.

It’s difficult for me to change or find new healthcare professionals because everyone’s style is so different. Every industry, every business, every employee has a different feel, philosophy, and approach. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve experienced horrible bedside manners and didn’t go back to the doctor for way too long. Or sometimes you have the nicest massage therapist with the worst hands. I always appreciate referrals, but everyone’s tastes and preferences vary.

So I suggest this in finding a Reiki Practitioner:

  • Check out some of your local Reiki Circles. They’ll often be fairly priced and you won’t be alone. You can get a small glimpse at what style the practitioner has, how they set the feel of the session/room, and many times you’ll meet other practitioners or get referrals from the circle participants.
  • If you’re able to afford it, book appointments with several different practitioners. If money is a consideration, check discount services such as Groupon or Living Social for Reiki deals. Many practitioners also have their own discounts.
  • Remember that Reiki Practitioners encourage the flow of energy. So in return, observe how the practitioner’s space and presence makes you feel. Do you feel safe? Do you feel comfortable?
  • Remember – NO NAKED REIKI! This is a point my teacher always reiterated during ethics discussions. There is no need for a client to undress for a Reiki appointment UNLESS it is incorporated with a massage or similar modality. Most modalities don’t require clients to undress for therapeutic benefits.
Photo credit: Milada Vigerova via Unsplash

Regarding style, some Reiki sessions are conducted mostly in silence with discussion before or after. I tend to discuss my observations as they come up, though I customize for preference. Some will practice various kinds of Reiki – Usui, Kundalini, Karuna, Rainbow, Shamballa, etc. Others integrate extra services into their sessions – use of oils, healing stones, etc. Sometimes the extras can be overwhelming or distracting. One day you might prefer a certain style over another. In all these cases, you can ask your practitioner to change it up or have a few therapists you visit regularly and rotate through.

The most important thing in choosing someone to aid in your health is that you trust them. They’ll answer your questions satisfactorily or refer you to someone who might be able to. You feel comfortable with them. You feel safe in their hands and their confidence. I also believe that a client should never feel obligated to me. Everyone should have a say in the direction of their healing. If you feel another therapist/practitioner will be better at taking your healing further or where you want it to go, then I encourage you to branch out. If a client feels obligated to me, then that becomes their focus instead of their healing. Many healthcare professionals will have referrals for you should you need or want one, so don’t be hesitant to ask.

Happy choosing, friends!

What do you look for in a Reiki or other healthcare professional?

How to Choose a Reiki Practitioner was originally published on GinnTree.com

GT_GibsonRanchCourtney Ginn is a certified Reiki and Massage Practitioner. She combines her Usui and Practical (Kundalini) Reiki training with various modalities to create personalized sessions for her human and animal clients alike. For more information, please visit her at GinnTree.

Is Distance Reiki Just as Effective?

This article was originally posted on GinnTree.com on June 1, 2016.

Many Reiki practitioners offer Distance Reiki sessions. What does that mean and does it work?

First we must understand what Reiki is and how it works. The word “Reiki” breaks down to this:

“Rei” – universal, trascendental spirit, essence

“Ki” – Qi (Chi) or life force energy, the energetic building block of life

Life force energy flows into and through all things. It is part of us, our consciousness, soul, and physical being – connecting us. Our Qi can become imbalanced in various ways and for a myriad of reasons – emotional trauma, our ancestral karma, giving too much without receiving or replenishing enough, etc. Reiki can refill and refresh these imbalances, helping us to heal and strengthen our Qi.

We are all connected through this life force energy. Let’s imagine a spider’s web, a giant one that spans the Universe with each strand connecting to every animal, insect, person, pool of water, inanimate object, etc. On this web, one small movement from a flea will generate vibrations felt throughout, and all the way to the opposite end of the web. In this way, we can imagine that when we use the web of energy to intend to send Reiki over a distance, it will create ripples and be received in full force.

This web also allows Reiki to transcend not only space, but time. Everything is connected. Past occurrences still affect us. Today’s actions will affect our future. The possibility of what lies ahead affects our now. The energy of those events, who we were, are, and will be, can be tapped into with a mere memory, thought, or intention.

Energy works through intentions. Reiki is a specific channel of energy, well-known for its ability to never harm nor be forced upon anyone. This makes Reiki one of those perfect little morsels of Life. Reiki resonates only with intentions that align with our highest good in mind. It is a form of healing energy that correct’s our Qi’s imbalances and deficiencies, and though I may facilitate the flow of Reiki, the receiver is truly the one at the helm and will let the energy know if, when, and where to go.

Ever randomly thought about someone only to have them call you within days? Or perhaps you’ve felt someone staring at you without even looking? We feel energy. We feel the intentions of others and they feel ours.

So, we’ve got the web of energy and we’ve got intention. When you put them together, you can do any number of things…

Sometimes you’re just too busy to fit yet another appointment into your day. No worries, I’ve queued up your Reiki so that you can receive whenever you ask. Until then, it’s basically just sitting in “the cloud” waiting until you can finally slip into that relaxing bubble bath or settle into bed.

Perhaps you’re in need of some Reiki, but you’ve moved away and haven’t had a chance to check out the local practitioners. That’s OK because you’ve got internet and can shoot me an email asking for a Distance Reiki session. Problem? What problem?

So, does Distance Reiki work? YES! It is different than receiving Reiki in person? Yes! In-person interactions always feel different and have amenities that distance sessions never will. However, the Reiki, without a doubt, is just as effective!

When you book your Distance Reiki appointment, we’ll discuss how you want to receive it – a specific time, queued up until you ask, however you like. I’ll send the Reiki, pull Oracle Cards from the deck of your choice, then email you with any observations I received and some suggestions to complement your healing process.

Is Distance Reiki Just as Effective? was originally published on GinnTree.com

GT_GibsonRanchCourtney Ginn is a certified Reiki and Massage Practitioner. She combines her Usui and Practical (Kundalini) Reiki training with various modalities to create personalized sessions for her human and animal clients alike. For more information, please visit her at GinnTree.